Are Men Faking It?

A couple wearing pajamas cuddling in bedWhile women are better known for faking that “big moment,” studies show that, actually, one in four men have faked an orgasm at some point as well.

Why? For both men and women, faking seems to be tied to relationship troubleshooting — namely how one is perceived during and after sex.

Why Men Bluff

There could be quite a few reasons that mean aren’t honest about their climax, including:

They just want to get it over with. Occasionally, men have sex with their partner for the partner’s sake — but since they aren’t really into it, they end up faking an orgasm. Or, it’s taking longer to orgasm than the man thinks it should, so they decide it’s better just to end it.

They’re covering up premature ejaculation. Some men pretend to have an orgasm as a front for premature ejaculation, says urologist Craig Niederberger, MD, FACS, head of the department of urology at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

They’re preserving their pride. For men who lose an erection during sex or sense they won’t be able to have an orgasm, it might be easier to fake the orgasm than to talk about why it didn’t occur.

They’re trying to be kind to their partner. A man faking an orgasm might be worried that his partner is uncomfortable due to the length of intercourse. He might also be concerned that his partner will feel hurt if they stop sex before the orgasm.