How To Prep For A Charity Walk

couple walking in street

( – First things first, props to you for participating in an event that brings awareness to the masses about an important issue. Charity walking is a fun and inspiring way to revitalize your exercise program because it keeps you motivated in your exercise routine while allowing you to experience the joy of helping a cause you care about. They’re also a great way to strengthen work relationships or fit extra quality time with friends and family into a busy schedule.

Charity walks, runs and bike rides are an increasingly popular way to raise money for a cause. And while walking may seem the easiest of the three, it doesn’t mean you can get away with doing nothing before the event. Even a 5K charity walk can be challenging and needs preparation. And if you’re planning on doing a longer charity walk, proper training is a must.

So how do you prepare, both ahead of time and on event day? Read on for expert tips on moving without pain.

Go progressively farther

For any walk that’s longer than you would normally go, make sure to work up to the distance progressively, to get your body accustomed to the distance. If you’re building up to 5 km, for instance, and you typically don’t walk for longer than 20 minutes, then try to walk at least a few times a week with one of those walks being a longer one, and add a few minutes each time. For instance, you could follow this pattern for the four weeks preceding the event: