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    Nelson Mandela: His 5 Surprising Health Conditions

    Nelson Mandela, the legendary South African former president, politician and activist, is back in the hospital in “serious but stable” condition, after once again suffering from an unspecified lung infection.

    Unfortunately, this is not the only time the world leader, 94, has suffered from serious health problems over the years.

    1985: Prostate Cancer

    Mandela had surgery in 1985 for an enlarged prostate gland, and in 2001, he received treatment for prostate cancer.

    1988: Tuburculosis

    While imprisoned under South Africa’s apartheid regime, Mandela suffered from early stage tuberculosis in 1988. After having fluid drained from his chest, he spent six weeks recuperating.

    1994: Eye Damage

    Mandela’s tear ducts were damaged by years of being forced to smash limestone rocks in the quarry on Robben Island, due to the alkalinity of the stone.

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