When Dairy Is The Problem

A woman smiling as she holds a glass of milkAbout an hour after chowing down on pizza and ice cream, does your stomach suddenly start rumbling? Well, more than likely you’re lactose intolerant. But before you give up your favorite foods, here are some lactose-intolerance food ideas that you may not know about.

You may be surprised to find that lactose intolerance is fairly common. It seems to affect men and women equally, and some ethnic groups are more likely to be affected than others because their diets traditionally included fewer dairy products. Almost all Asians and Native Americans are lactose intolerant, and up to 80% of African Americans and Hispanic Americans also have symptoms of lactose intolerance.

So what do you do when dairy’s bringing you down? How do you get the calcium and vitamin D that your body requires? And what are more options besides the usual lactose-free milk and lactase supplements?

Read on to find out how you can live a more dairy-friendly life.

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