Homegrown Hair Remedies

Olive oil and lemons on a wooden plankDry hair? Dull? Brittle and breaking off all over the place? Using too much heat, the wrong products, and/or harsh chemicals are common ways of destroying your hair without realizing it.

In addition to being gentler to your hair, getting enough rest and eating healthy foods rich with vitamin E and Omega-3, Black hair often needs some extra attention and lots of love. In particular, Black hair can generally use all the moisture it can get.


You probably already know the general product rules for your best hair: Look for creamy shampoos and conditioners with moisture-maximizing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and/or jojoba oil. Don’t be afraid of treatment oils and deep conditioners that you can apply one or twice a week for even deeper moisture and repair.

But what hair beautifiers and problem solvers can you find right in your kitchen?