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    My Baby Rocks The Cutest Smile: Meet The Winner!

    BlackDoctor: What are some traits that you see now in your child that you think will affect his future?

    JW: Mikah loves to explore and learn different things. He’s eager to engage in different learning activities.

    BlackDoctor: What do you hope he grows up to be?

    JW: Mikah has such a vibrant personality! I am hoping he will grow up to help others. It would be nice if he goes into the medical field, like his uncle, Anthony L. Wills M.D. No matter what he decides in the future, we will make sure that he receives the education he needs to pursue his dreams. I would like to extend a thank you to I will be starting a college fund with the money Mikah received. Hopefully the account will help him in the future. If he decides to become a doctor like his uncle Tony, your contest will have provided him with the start-up funds toward his college fund. Thank you!

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