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    Your Initial Endometriosis Exam

    • When did your pain start?
    • Where is the pain?
    • How severe is the pain (severe, moderate or mild)?
    • Is the pain getting worse?
    • Do you have pain during or after sexual intercourse?
    • Painful bowel movements?
    • Pelvic pain when exercising?
    • Type of pain? (Endometriosis pain is usually described as burning, stabbing, gnawing, cramping, jabbing, throbbing, cold, sharp, aching, or pressure)
    • Are you in pain right now?
    • How many days of each month are you in pain?
    • How does the pain impact your life?
    • What medications have you taken to try alleviating the pain?

    Other Symptoms

    In sharing basic and pain-specific information, your doctor will also want to know about additional ailments that also tend to be symptoms of endometriosis:

    • Do you routinely experience nausea with menstruation?
    • Do you vomit during menstruation?
    • Do you have unusual vaginal bleeding at any time during your cycle?
    • Do you experience painful urination or blood in urine at any time during your cycle?
    • Do you have difficulty gaining or losing weight?
    • Do you experience fatigue?

    Discussing Symptoms With Your Doctor

    Seeing a doctor about pelvic pain and other troubling gynecological symptoms can be rather uncomfortable. Teenagers are especially self-conscious in the gynecologist’s office. However, it is vitally important to carefully explain your symptoms and to be completely honest about everything that’s bothering you. Providing accurate information is the key to evaluating your current condition. By doing so, you’re helping to ensure a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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