Your Initial Endometriosis Exam

woman texting on couch( — If you’re like most women with endometriosis, you’ve been concerned about your pelvic pain and other unusual symptoms for quite some time. You may not have been taken seriously at first. Parents, friends, and even doctors may have dismissed your symptoms as a normal part of being female. But deep down, you knew your symptoms weren’t normal. At some point, you decided to listen to that voice inside you. And now you’re going for your initial appointment with the gynecologist.

To make sure the doctor has all the information he or she needs in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you, it’s important to be well-prepared for this first appointment. Think about your answers to the below questions ahead of time so you can give the doctor all the information he or she needs to help you. If it helps you to remember, you may want to record all your answers in a small notebook and bring it with you to all of your appointments.

Basic Questions

Most gynecologists ask several basic questions at every appointment, including the first appointment you make to discuss endometriosis concerns:

• Date of your first menstrual period