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    BET Star Erica Hubbard & The Urban Wellness Project Celebrate Women’s HIV/AIDS Awareness

    ( — On March 10, 2011, in honor of National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Erica Hubbard (Chicago native and star of the new BET show Let’s Stay Together), The Erica Hubbard Foundation and Chicago’s Urban Wellness Project will host two events to educate and empower women and girls about the importance of HIV/AIDS Awareness.

    “I am extremely excited to be co-hosting these influential events,” says Hubbard. “Both personally, and on behalf of The Erica Hubbard Foundation, we will undoubtedly touch the lives of many women, and this is a crucial time for our community to seriously address one of the most exigent and relevant health concerns that is plaguing this generation and potentially future generations.

    Today’s HIV/AIDS Reality…

    • According to the CDC, as of September 2010, there were 32,923 (15,163 HIV; 17,760 AIDS) people reported as living with HIV/AIDS in Illinois. The number of cases in Illinois is the eighth highest in the U.S

    • Of the 24 percent of reported new HIV/AIDS cases, high-risk heterosexual activity accounted for 65 percent of all infections among women for whom a risk factor was reported.

    • Even more frightening is the fact that a quarter of the HIV infections in 2007 were among females ages 13 and up. And the numbers of new infections among women and teenagers continues to grow…

    “The Urban Wellness Project is taking the initiative to heal urban communities one event at a time,” states Syreeta Talbert, director and founder of the Urban Wellness Project. “For some changing health behaviors may be difficult to achieve due to limited knowledge and access to preventative health care services. Through our events, our goal to inform women and girls about HIV/AIDS so they can take advantage of the services provided to them in our community.”

    The Events

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