The 10 Best Office Snacks

fruits and vegetables( — When the mid-morning or afternoon lull sets in at the office, do you find yourself reaching for something unhealthy to munch on? Healthy snacks can help normalize your blood-sugar levels at crucial points in the day. Diminishing swings in blood sugar also helps to curb cravings and keep you on a successful weight-loss track.

The best munchies to have on hand?

1. Raw veggies, such as celery, green or red bell pepper strips, cauliflower, carrot sticks and/or broccoli florets. Use hummus, yogurt-and-herb dip, 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter for dipping.

2. Cold cuts (turkey, chicken, lean roast beef, boiled ham)

3. Part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks or a serving of reduced-fat cheese (pair this with some whole-grain crackers)