Losing Weight Easy In College On A Budget

cash with coins on top(BlackDoctor.org) — Let’s face it. Most college students don’t rack in the dollars. Most live off of cold pizza and oodles and noodles. Because of this, many college students that want to lose weight feel discouraged when they find out that the average diet boasts a $300-$400 dollar a month food plan.

I’m telling you right now, I’ve been there. I was going to the grocery store every two weeks and spending at least $100 on groceries. To top that off, it was still difficult to control my portion sizes because there are not many recipes out there that make less than four servings, and if you’re like me, you can’t eat just one serving. So what can you do?

Step 1: Try healthy frozen dinners.

Many nutritionists say that some frozen dinners (lean cuisine, healthy choice, or any other meals under 400 calories) help control portion size and calorie intake. When I found this out, my mind went back to the olden days of growing up with the nasty dinners of reconstituted potatoes and rock hard Salisbury steak, but since then, frozen dinners have come a long way.  They are much tastier and very inexpensive, with a range of prices from $.89 cents to $3.00.

Step 2: Why eat three when you can have five?