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    Flu Prevention Tips

    A flu shot or flu vaccination is the best way to prevent flu in children. Mist form of the flu vaccine is also available. The influenza shot is usually prepared with the most common strains of the viral particles. Reactions to flu vaccine are not very severe and do not last for more than one or two days. The flu vaccine is not approved for use in infants younger than six months. Two doses of the vaccine are recommended in children older than six months up to nine years of age during their first year of vaccination. The second dose is given twenty-eight or more days after the first dose.  Flu shot is recommended to all children aged six months till their nineteenth year.

    Washing hands with soap or a disinfectant prior to handling the child or infant and avoiding direct contacts of the child with infected persons like kissing can effectively prevent flu infection.

    To summarize, the effectiveness of flu care depends entirely on early detection of the symptoms, proper treatment and parental care.


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