Q&A: HIV Spread Inevitable

A series of HIV/AIDS Awareness ribbonsQ:
I’m sorry if this is a very basic question. I’ve seen in the news and read about multiple cases of HIV positive people still having successful, happy relationships with other people. Is it inevitable that, regardless of the degree of protection taken, the HIV infection will be spread from one person to another?

A: Well, even if it is a basic question, don’t apologize! That’s why we’re here at BlackDoctor.org. It’s actually a very good question. As I have discussed in some of the other questions, people are living much longer lives. We have quite a few patients in their 70s and even some in their 80s who are doing quite well. Along with increased life expectancy, people want to know that they can have the same expectations for a high quality of life and good relationships with sexual and emotional intimacy.

Now, back to your questions…

The answer to your question is no, it is not inevitable that HIV infection will be spread to an uninfected partner. In fact, there are growing numbers of individuals who are living with an HIV-infected partner who remain un-infected for many years. So, what do people need to do to insure they protect their partner? Two things have the biggest impact.