Your Hair Is Talking…Are You Listening?

young woman with long natural hair

( — The relationship we all have with our own hair is the ultimate in love/hate for most of us, and although you may be blaming those bad hair days on harsh winter weather, humidity, or styling products gone wrong, have you considered that it may be your health that’s really the problem?

You can’t have healthy hair if you don’t have a healthy body, so if you’re dealing with hair that’s dull, dry, frizzy, flaky, or falling out, it’s worth a closer look to make sure it’s not due to something bigger than just using the wrong shampoo. From genetics to your current nutritional state, learning to read your hair can tell you a lot about your overall health.

Hair follicles must receive a steady flow of nutrients in order to remain healthy.  The follicles receive their nutrients through the blood supply. If circulation is poor, follicles will become malnourished, the root will suffer and the hair will not grow to its full potential. The increased blood supply helps to nourish and energize the follicles.

Over the next several weeks we will explore many of the causes of hair loss, you may even discover that you have more than one culprit working against you.  We will also explore solutions.