Dr. Cedric Bright Inaugural Speech: “We Are Bridge Builders”

Cedric Bright(BlackDoctor.org) — Your confidence bestowed me as your 112th President is one of the greatest honors of my life. I will uphold this office with dignity and integrity to accomplish the mission of our great organization. For this generous bestowing of trust, and for an even greater opportunity for partnership, I thank you.

Let me take you back to when I arrived back home after being elected to the office of president elect. I’d just arrived back home in Durham, NC. Our front door closed behind me, I pushed my suitcase aside and called out to my wife, Maria, “Where are you? Can you come here?” Just then Drew, my son, ran to me and gave his usual salute, better known as a “Daddy pick me up”. As my wife rounded the corner, I asked her to have a seat. My question to my wife, “Are we ready for the awesome challenge to our family that we take on when I become NMA President? What about the travel and significant time I?ll spend away from you and Drew?” She looked at me and asked said, are you? “As long as we do this together.”

That was almost a year ago and my family remains the strong anchor of my life. This evening, instilled with the belief that the NMA has a leadership role in the world that cannot be minimized, and that our organization will rise, along with my faith in God will continue to be the voice of advocacy for physicians and the patients we serve.

I am committed to the ideals of this great organization. As the 112th President of the National Medical Association, I pledge to be honest, truthful, a listener, a partner, a seeker of collaborative opportunity, a builder of bridges to people, and organization with similar goals for resources to pursue health equity.