Uncovering Mental-Health Issues Surrounding Black Women

Black Women and Mental Health Issues

Black Women and Mental Health

(BlackDoctor.org) — As black women, we often feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, so it should be no surprise that mental health conditions occur more in women than men. According to EveryDayHealth, about 29 million American women, or 20% of the female population, are treated for a diagnosable mental health-related disorder every year, and an untold number go untreated. These conditions include:

• Eating disorders. Women account for at least 85% of all anorexia and bulimia cases and 65% of binge-eating disorder cases.

• Anxiety and specific phobias. Although men and women are affected equally by such mental health conditions as obsessive-compulsive disorder and social phobias, women are twice as likely as men to have panic disorder, generalized anxiety and specific phobias.

• Depression. Women are twice as likely as men (12% of women compared to 6% of men) to become depressed.