This fact sheet provides basic information about soy—uses, potential side
    effects, and resources for more information. Soy, a plant in the pea family, has
    been common in Asian diets for thousands of years. It is found in modern
    American diets as a food or food additive. Soybeans, the high-protein seeds of
    the soy plant, contain isoflavones-compounds similar to the female hormone
    estrogen. The following information highlights what is known about soy when used
    by adults for health purposes.

    Common Names—soy

    Latin Names—Glycine max


    What It Is Used For

    People use soy products to prevent or treat a variety of health conditions,
    including high cholesterol levels, menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes,
    osteoporosis, memory problems, high blood pressure, breast cancer, and prostate


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