Iman Talks Beauty, Health & Marriage

Iman( – For more than 20 years, Iman has graced hundreds of magazine covers, rising to the status of international fashion icon. She is also a successful businesswoman with a new line of handbags and accessories to accompany her Iman skin care and fragrance line, a mother of two daughters, a philanthropist for numerous charities, and the host of Project Runway Canada—no to mention she’s the wife of rock legend David Bowie.

With all of this on her plate, she still manages to look drop-dead gorgeous every time she’s seen. Who says things slow down after 50?

She recently sat down with Huffington Post Canada to talk about her beauty regimen and daily life routine. Here’s what she had to say.

On beauty regimens:

Yes, mine! I’ve been using my cosmetics and skin care, Iman Cosmetics, since I created [the line] in 1994. Religiously. I don’t believe in lots of things to do with your face, but cleanse, moisturize. Young girls aren’t taught that — they just see a lot of cosmetics, which isn’t good. It’s easier for them to put on, since it changes the look, but it doesn’t encourage them to take care of their skin. I tell my little daughter, who’s eight years old, it’s like brushing your teeth. You do it twice a day.