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    Arsenic In Your Juice…Still?

    A glass filled with apple juice next to a glass filled with apple slicesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to set a new, and stricter, limit on the permissible amount of arsenic allowed in apple juice, following a year of pressure from consumer groups regarding the dangers of children drinking the juice over long periods of time.

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    Here are the safety facts that you need to know…

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    Studies have shown that the juice contains very low levels of arsenic, a cancer-causing agent found in everything from water to soil to pesticides. While the FDA has previously claimed that the arsenic levels are not dangerous to consumers, they’ve decided to limit the permissible amount to the same level currently permitted in drinking water.

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    Under the new regulation, apple juice containing more than 10 parts per billion could be removed from the market and companies could face legal action. Agency officials stressed that the vast majority of juices on the market are already below the threshold.

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