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    The Top Winners & Losers In Healthcare Today

    A female doctor and male patientJimmy is a hypertensive, pre-diabetic, obese, middle-aged man whose brother, Bob, just died from a massive heart attack. Jimmy is now eating fried chicken at the funeral ceremony because he wanted some comfort food during a time of great sadness and stress.

    Unfortunately for Jimmy and many other Americans, there is an entrenched system in our country that reinforces Jimmy’s unhealthful behaviors.

    Here are a few of the winners and losers:


    Doctors & Hospitals: There is no shortage of chronically sick patients.

    Drug Companies: There are plenty of patients (like Jimmy) on meds for life, who are never cured.

    Meat/Dairy Industry: These two industries receive government subsidies for Jimmy’s cheeseburgers, which clog his arteries and promote cancer cell growth

    Big Agriculture: Government subsidies are also readily made available for Jimmy’s high fructose corn syrup laden “food-like substances” which keep him quite hefty and addicted.


    Doctors: Many doctors die from the same preventable diseases as 
Jimmy. They are not immune to being just as obese, sick, food addicted, and on the very same path to early death

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