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    4 Ways To Date Better

    … no dating or flirting with unavailable candidates (even if they’re very cute). This includes married people, people who are already in committed relationships, and singles who really don’t want what you want (such as children).

    Romantic efficiency also means not going to a party with three friends and standing in the corner just talking to them all night. Instead, go alone – you’re more likely to meet new people. If your giving online dating a chance, this includes not falling in love with an online fantasy for months; when you connect with someone online who seems promising, meet within two weeks and make sure the reality is as good as the fantasy.

    Because you’re busy, you have to constantly monitor that you are putting your limited time to the best possible use. That attitude will help improve your chances of finding someone truly special (and help you balance your overall life, as well).

    4. Be The Person You Want To Date

    It’s becoming a cliche statement, but the term, “Be the change you want to see” is true in many different areas.  In dating, it works the same way. If you want an honest, loving, funny, sexy mate, be that. If you want someone who listens, be that! Dating can be difficult, but only as difficult as you make it.  Remember, it’s about finding more of who you are, who you want, and more importantly who you don’t want.

    Have fun and be safe!

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