Easy Exercises For Couch Potatoes

african american woman laying on couch listening to musicConvincing yourself it’s time to start exercising should be easy — there are just so many exercise benefits. It’s finding an exercise routine that works for you — and beginning it the right way — that can be difficult.

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If you try to jump from no exercise to running a mile or two, you’ll likely wind up so sore and exhausted that you give up again. It’s perfectly fine to start slowly with easy exercises — you’ll still get exercise benefits and improve your heart health.

Recognize that small changes over time can yield big results. Starting out slowly also enables your body to get used to more physical activity and reduces the risk of injury. To start making a difference in your heart health and get the most exercise benefits, put a plan in place and have specific goals in mind. You will see that, with a gradual start and the right mindset, a fitness routine can significantly improve your cardiovascular health within three months.