How To Keep Your Haunted House Safe

A woman kneeling down and giving candy to a little girl for Halloween( — Eerie sounds, spooky lights and jack-o’-lanterns aglow – extra efforts at Halloween will keep visitors coming back for both tricks and treats. However, to keep the fun going it’s important to plan your home’s scary set-up with safety in mind.

Decorations for special events, most often involving candles, such as those found in jack-o’-lanterns, account for an average of 800 home fires in North America, causing nearly $4 million in direct property damage every year.

To keep your house from being haunted with potential insurance woes, Wayne Ross, insurance and claims expert for Aviva, offers some Halloween preparation tips for preventing fires and other insurance claims:

• Practice fire safety: When setting up spooky decorations and lighting, ensure that electrical outlets are not overloaded. Consider battery or solar powered jack-o’-lanterns.

• Make sure your walkways are safe: Although darkness and decorations may set the Halloween mood, keep walkways well lit and obstruction free to reduce the risk of injury and to allow many Halloween guests to walk through simultaneously.