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    Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

    (BlackDoctor.org) — The classic symptom of menopause are hot flashes, which strike anywhere from 75 to 80% of women.

    One of the most effective remedies for hot flashes, experts agree, is hormone therapy, although the treatment is controversial and certainly not right for all women. The infamous Women’s Health Initiative study found it increased risk of breast cancer and did not protect against heart disease, but scientists say short-term use is safe for non-high-risk women.

    Quite naturally, more and more woman are curious about the effectiveness of home remedies to help provide some hot flash relief.

    What Are Hot Flashes?

    Though scientists don’t know the exact cause, they suspect a drop in estrogen may disrupt the body’s natural thermostat, resulting in a hot flash.

    Hot flashes can vary dramatically from woman to woman. A single occurrence can be a few seconds or several minutes. Some women experience merely a flushed face, while others may sweat severely and even suffer from heart palpatations and chills.

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