Your Groceries: High-End Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

A large brown paper bag filled with groceries( — Most people tend to think of their diet as “healthy”. Shopping at high end markets and eating “all natural” foods can give the illusion of accomplishing our diet goals, but after taking a closer look, you might realize that your diet isn’t so healthy.

Higher Quality…Or Just Higher Priced?

The trend of high end grocery stores that provide us with a shopping experience easily make us feel that by spending more and simply buying from their store we are automatically healthier. Don’t be fooled. There are many foods in these stores that contain just as much fat and calories as the foods you can purchase at a corner grocery store or even a convenience store. The key is that these foods are usually prepared with better quality products, possibly even organic, which does offer some benefit but they will not be kinder on your waistline or heart.

Take the time to read all nutrition labels – don’t be deceived by the words “all natural”, nice packaging and a higher price. Cookies are cookies no matter what package they come in or where they were purchased.

Smarter Shopper Strategy