How NOT To Overstress & Overeat This Holiday Season

Family All Together At holiday Dinner

( — Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and the shopping rush has begun, I’m sure the stress and tension of buying gifts for loved ones will be ratcheted up several notches this holiday season.

Stress levels are always high during this time of year. It can be overbearing and even exhausting to some people who don’t have the money to buy gifts and, in some cases, food. But those who can afford to buy food don’t always buy the most nutritious food to eat.

When it comes to your health, you have to take charge. It would behoove food producers to consider the health of consumers. What if food regulators, for example, would put labels on food packages to warn of the dangers of saturated fats and other fat laden foods? They warn us about the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol. They can do the same thing with food.

There is madness in the health care world and it’s getting out of control. People are getting fatter and fatter. Who should we blame? Ourselves. We have become gluttons, eating any and everything that tastes good. If we’re not careful, most of us will become obese. It’s an American tragedy — an epidemic. I’ve written a lot about diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer and a host of other health related issues, but obesity is a problem that should not be taken for granted.