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    Growing Up With Asthma

    • Fill out the necessary paperwork for medication at school. Your signature still has to be on the school forms, even as your teen takes on more responsibility for his asthma care. What Your Asthmatic Teen

    Can Do

    It is also important for your teen to avoid situations and factors that can cause an asthma attack.

    Depending on your teen’s specific asthma triggers this might mean:

    • Not allowing friends to smoke around him
    • Limiting his time at the house of a friend who has cats
    • Keeping his room clean
    • Hanging up wet towels and clothes and cleaning up spills before mold can grow
    • Washing clothes and bedding regularly
    • Using an inhaler before working out

    Your asthmatic teen should also learn to clean inhalers regularly and remember that they are under pressure (so they should never leave them in a hot car or close to sources of heat, for instance).

    Neither you nor your teen should expect things to run perfectly during the transition into independence. But with communication and commitment, your asthmatic teen can gradually take on more responsibility for their own asthma control.

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