The Top 10 Male Fertility Killers

open pack of cigarettes( — Briefs versus boxers, right? Actually, this isn’t necessarily a debate worth bothering with, says sperm expert Dr. Craig Niederberger, professor of urology at the University of Illinois and prospective editor-in-chief of the journal Fertility and Sterility.

But there are many things – including some unexpected ones – that have been proven to hurt sperm and compromise male fertility. Including…


Nicotine slows sperm cells’ swimming speed and damages their precious cargo, the DNA that ultimately combines with eggs’ to make embryos. Worse yet, nicotine blocks blood flow to the penis and damages the spongy tissue inside that expands to cause an erection.

Want your sperm (and penis) to work? Don’t smoke.

Bisphenol A

Doctors continue to debate the health effects of bisphenol A, a compound found in all sorts of consumer items, from some plastic bottles to cash-register receipts. One thing it seems to do is act like estrogen in the body. If enough of the stuff finds its way into a guy’s blood, sperm are likely to decline in number and in their all-important swimming ability.