Shake Up Your Fitness Routine!

african american woman doing fitness exercise( – If you’ve been doing the same type of exercise for a while, chances are your body has gotten better at doing it. While it’s great that you’ve been working out regularly, the downside is that you’ll stop getting the results you’re looking for, such as weight loss or athletic performance. The solution: Switch your workout plan about every six to eight weeks. Challenge your body and mind with the following hot workouts.

Sports Drills

More and more fitness centers are offering athletic performance classes that involve sports drills specifically designed to help you excel at an individual sport, such as golf, tennis, snowboarding, or skiing. The drills mimic the stresses you put on your body when you’re playing the sport. For example, you might sprint to improve your tennis game or do squats to get ready for the slopes. Traditionally, this type of workout class has been geared to athletes, but some gyms are offering them for weekend warriors and more casual participants.

Get in Shape With a Boxing Workout

Boxing can be learned at specialized gyms, where amateur fighters can train and eventually spar with each other in practice and competition. But group boxing classes at health clubs — designed more for fitness than fighting — are popular. Most casual boxing workouts are a combination of boxing techniques and a dance workout. They’re more intense, you’ll move faster, and you’ll use different muscles than you usually use in traditional exercise programs.