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    Help! I Don’t Have Time To Cook Healthy!

    • Nuts
    • Low-fat cheeses
    • Whole-grain crackers like Kashi
    • Hard-boiled eggs


    This entails a similar effort as lunch, in that you need to buy precooked foods at the deli counter in the supermarket — but always ask for organic meat whenever possible. Buying food like this is a bit more expensive, but it’s quick, easy, and healthy – and unfortunately, convenience is rarely ever cheap.

    • Pick up grilled chicken breasts, salmon or halibut fillets, or turkey breasts, all precooked. Then you can simply throw a portion into a plastic container and run out the door with it.

    • Buy veggie side dishes, such as grilled vegetables, for example, brown rice with chopped olives, whatever tasty and healthy selections that appeal to you.

    What About Frozen Meals?

    For either lunch or dinner, frozen entrées are another quick and calorie-controlled option. The downside is that they’re usually processed — meaning they’re loaded with salt and preservatives. If you absolutely can’t cook a meal and want frozen meal options, try an entrée from Amy’s or Kashi, which tend to be much lower in sodium than others.

    Yes, ultimately, the best and healthiest option is to cook your food. But, in today’s world, wanting and doing are two completely different things, and you sometimes need to choose convenience. But when you CAN, try to find the time to plan your meals for the week and cook healthy on the weekends. This way you will better be able to control your diet – which is the best way to control your overall health.


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