Choose The Best Shoes For Your Workout

Mid adult woman ties shoelaces( — What’s the one piece of workout gear you can’t live without? Your Ipod Nano? A good water bottle? A truly supportive sports bra?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. The single most important piece of equipment to virtually any kind of exercise program — running, aerobics, hiking, tennis, basketball — is the right pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes can make or break your workout — but it’s easy to go wrong.

You rely on your athletic shoe to prevent injuries, protect your feet and prevent your back from aching if you are performing a high-impact sport. When deciding on the right athletic shoe to buy, you should keep in mind both form and function–meaning you should purchase a shoe that is a good fit and is made for the activity you most perform.

Identify the activity you will most perform in your athletic shoes–for example, running, walking, trail running, hiking or tennis. While the various types of shoes may look the same, they all differ from one another in several ways. For example, a running shoe is designed to be lightweight and provide the most support where runners most need it: in the heels and balls of the feet. If you perform a variety of activities, from aerobics to walking to other activities, a cross-training shoe may best support each activity.