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    23 Guilt-Free Ways To Reward Yourself

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    What are some great calorie-free, and guilt-free, reward ideas for a job well done? Whether it’s a job well done, a tough day at the gym or a challenging week on your diet, it’s important to reward yourself in the way that you’d best enjoy.

    If you’re working toward developing healthy habits or working toward fitness goals it’s important to reward yourself from time-to-time to keep your motivation levels high. For many of us “reward” = food, starting in childhood. While an occasional indulgence won’t derail your efforts, why set yourself back when there are so many no-calorie treats that can do the job?

    Here’s a list that can help get you to your goals (whether it be about weight, fitness, work, etc.) in no time…while there are a few big ticket rewards here, most are pretty budget-friendly, or even free…

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