Why Do We Care If Will & Jada Split?

Will and Jada Smith(BlackDoctor.org) — Celebrities shouldn’t affect our personal faith in love…right?

When In Touch Weekly recently reported that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith had allegedly separated, the collective moans could be heard all across Black America, from the shores of Chicago’s South Side to the hills of Washington DC (Howard U. is on a hill. Work with me here, people).

To be fair, In Touch Weekly has erroneously reported on the never-happened marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the false pregnancies and adoptions of Jennifer Anniston and many other celebrity rumors that have been proven false. It is and always shall be a tabloid. However, just the idea of a Will and Jada break up forces us to look at the reasons behind our attachment to the couple. People who have never, ever, ever meet the golden pair seemed as shocked and saddened at the news as they would be about the split of some folks from their real, actual lives.

How Many Other Famous Black Couples Do We Really See?

The media rarely places Black couples in the spotlight. Will has remarked remarked himself that he is often paired with non-Black women in films because Hollywood seems to believe that audiences will disregard a film starring him with a Black leading lady as a “Black movie” (which is funny, because he had a Black woman in Independence Day and Enemy Of The State, but whatever).