ER Actress Gloria Reuben’s HIV/AIDS Advocacy

Gloria Reuben( — Gloria Reuben first started grappling with HIV issues as part of her role on ER, as physician assistant Jeanie Boulet, one of the first openly HIV-positive characters on prime-time TV. But soon, the scripts began to take over her off-duty thoughts. “It follows you around wherever you go,” says Reuben, who was on the ER set until 1999.

“You know, I think it’s more vital that we talk about what’s going on now,” the actress Gloria Reuben says with slightly impatient amusement. But in recalling the part she played of physician assistant Jeanie Boulet — as she says, “the first and only regular role on a network television show that was HIV positive” — she remains astounded. Reuben started playing Boulet in 1995 on the award-winning NBC television series ER, and yet more than 15 years later, no other recurring HIV-positive role has shown up on American TV.

An Opportunity to Broaden the Conversation

Boulet’s old stethoscope wasn’t exactly Reuben’s albatross. When ER’s script called for Reuben’s character to contract HIV, the twist was timely, poignant and unprecedented.

“We knew it was an opportunity to help broaden some perspectives and get people talking about HIV/AIDS,” says Reuben, who recalls painstaking production efforts to reproduce the mood and science of the time.