Burn Off Those Holiday Treats!

A person shoveling snow on a sidewalkHoliday cakes, and cookies, and pies, and cocktails, and dressing and casserole and…does it seem like just reading the names of your favorite holiday foods makes you gain a couple pounds? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…the holidays cause many of us to eat a little too much, and to miss a few too many workouts.

Here’s what health and fitness pros have to say about simple tips that can help you burn off some of those celebratory calories.

1. Embrace Those Chores

The scenario: The holiday office party causes you to miss your yoga class, company’s coming tonight, and the house is a mess.

“Housework is the best way to fit in a workout without even knowing it,” says Shannon Griffiths, group fitness director for Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colo. Scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming … they all burn calories.