What Is The Obesity/ADHD Connection?

obese man eating whole pizza(BlackDoctor.org) — A recent study has found that having adult ADHD significantly increases your odds of being overweight or obese. About 34 percent of adults with ADHD are overweight and about 30 percent are obese.

There may be a link between adult ADHD and having weight control issues. Although 31% of all Americans are obese, and this epidemic seems to be even worse for those with adult ADHD.

Not only do adults with ADHD have trouble controlling their eating, they also have difficulty sticking to a diet. One study suggests that adult ADHD may be up to 15 times more common in people seeking help for weight loss. The key feature that links obesity and other eating disorders with adult ADHD is impulse control.

Understanding the Adult-ADHD-and-Obesity Connection

It was once thought that ADHD was a disorder of childhood, but doctors now know that many symptoms extend into adulthood. ADHD affects over 9 million American adults. Adults with ADHD frequently self-medicate with compulsive behaviors that may include overeating and other eating disorders.