The 15-Minute Shorts Workout

woman doing lateral press( — You don’t need fancy equipment to work your lower body. Just grab a yoga mat or towel to get into shorts-shape with this fast workout you can do at home.Tone your butt, thighs, and calves in just 15 minutes — and show some leg this summer.

What you’ll need: A yoga mat (or a bath towel and a chair)

90-Degree Lift
Targets: Butt, Outer and Inner Thighs

• Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding one end of rolled-up mat (or chair back) in front of you with both hands.

• Bend knees slightly and hinge forward from hips, extending arms to plant vertical mat on floor a few feet in front of left foot so that back is parallel to floor.

• Keep both hands on top of mat for support and extend right leg out to side, toes pointed.