Gender Differences In Drug Use

In 2007, black males aged 18 to 25 were more likely than females to report marijuana as their primary substance of abuse (62.8 vs. 49.5 percent); however, females were three times more likely than males to report smoked cocaine as their primary substance of abuse (12.6 vs. 4.2 percent)

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More than two thirds (69.5 percent) of young adult black male admissions were referred to treatment by the criminal justice system, compared to only about one third (35.7 percent) of female admissions

More than half of all young adult black admissions had not completed high school or obtained a GED (50.9 percent for males and 55.1 percent for females) and most were either unemployed (42.5 percent for males and 43.4 percent for females) or not in the labor force (30.1 percent for males and 38.4 percent for females)