Is It True That Men Can’t Get HIV From Women?

red ribbon in front of HIV pic

Can men get HIV from women? Surprisingly, this is still a very popular question that many people are still asking.

How does HIV spread? Who’s most susceptible to infection? These are just a couple of questions that, thanks to myths and misconceptions, may be just one of the reasons that new cases of HIV infection are highest in the Black community.

So what are the real facts that you need to know? BDO HIV Expert, Dr. Keith Crawford, weighs in…

Q: I think I actually witnessed the spread of HIV misconceptions! Basically, I overheard some guys at work talking about married male celebrities and their infidelities, and how the wives of these celebrities had nothing to worry about regarding the rumored lack of protection used during these indiscretions, because “it’s next to impossible for a man to pick up the HIV virus from a woman.” Is this true? Is there any data to support that one group of people can more easily spread the virus than another group?