Idris Elba: "I Was Not Getting Away With That"


Actor Idris Elba has played every role: from a tough guy (Russell “Stringer” Bell on The Wire), to a corporate suit (on The Office), to a bank robber (in the movie Takers). What’s consistent in all of these roles is his commitment to health. Recently, the actor had pictures that were taken while on set that looked as though his had a bigger–um–“package.” But Idris tweeted that it was just his mic attached to the inside of his pants. Either way, the ladies love the British-born actor.

But there’s another secret: the stars real name. The 42-year-old admitted in a 2014 interview, “My name was Idrissa,” Elba admitted. “I was not getting away with that. There was a kid who used to laugh every time my name was called out at registration. That’s why I changed it.”

No wonder.

See how fits in workouts whenever he can, to keep his body “up”: