What Does “I Need Space” Really Mean?

couple with back to each other(BlackDoctor.org) — Giving your spouse “space” is a very common topic in relationships today. Many husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends are on the receiving end of such a request from a significant other who says they need to “work out their feelings” or “time to sort things out.”

Most people who hear this request have an overwhelmingly negative response. Very few feel that this is a great idea or something that they want to do. Most see “giving them space” as one of the more risky and painful options possible because there’s a real fear that the space is just the first step toward a divorce or break up. Many worry that if they give their significant other a taste of what the world would be like without them, they may decide that they really like it and have no interest in coming back.

Agree or Disagree?

So, your sweetie of several years says they need time away from you. Hurt, confused and upset, you immediately consult with your family and friends. You feel that if you agree, you’re basically saying “see ya!” to the relationship. They second they’re out at a club, drunk with their friends, feeling lightened from the natural responsibilities that go along with mlost relationships, and they’ll love the experience too much to come back to you.

But most of your inner circle says that you might as well give them the space they’re asking for, since to not allow it could be disastrous, too.