Skin & Beauty Q&A With Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

woman putting product on her skin( — What’s the best way to lighten dark spots? Why is your skin always so oily? What are some of the best foods for your skin? What are some of the best ways to soothe eczema and fight keloids?

The Eucerin/ Skin & Beauty Facebook Q&A event on March 26, 2012, featuring noted dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, was incredible! Dozens of fans took the time to log on and ask the doctor their most urgent skin concerns.

Here is a recap of this insightful skin health discussion:

Rhonda Blackwell asked: “How do I even my complexion? I have light spots and dark rough spots.”

Dr. Ingleton: “Hi Rhonda. To even the complexion, it is best to use products that promote skin cell turnover. For example, products with alpha-hydroxy acid. You can use such products on a daily basis and combine with a sun protection moisturizer. If you continue this for long a enough period, the dark spots will fade and your complexion will brighten. Sometimes professional treatments in a dermatologist’s office are required for persistent areas.”