LisaRaye: Fit, Fine & 40+

    lisa-rayeLisaRaye has never been one to shy away from a challenge. After all, she went from model to actress to producer to business owner. But now, LisaRaye, 47, has embarked on a new challenge: her body.

    UPDATE:  LisaRaye’s transformation also went into a spiritual realm as well.  In August 2014, the actress shared that she got baptized in her home (pictured on page 2) which gave her a new found desire to give. As you may have remember, LisaRaye was also a celebrity who came out years ago that she decided to be celibate for her own reasons. Way to go Lisa!

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    LisaRaye decided to pursue living a healthier lifestyle by undergoing a very drastic body transformation.

    “I tend to go up and down [in weight], but that’s not good for my body, LisaRaye explains. “The more I educate myself about the weight loss process, the more I learn that I figure out works for me. Which means staying at a size that works for TV and for me.”

    LisaRaye also added that while she’s on the set of Single Ladies, she has “absolutely no time to work out.”

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