Which Medicines Should Be In Your Cabinet?

A senior woman reaching into her medicine cabinet for a prescription bottle(BlackDoctor.org) — Today, there are tens of thousands of medications out there, and the vast majority of human afflictions are not treated by medical providers…but at home.

While different families may have different issues, narrowing down your home pharmacy to just ten medicines can simplify your life. This extra room can then be used for more specialized medicines, as well as other essential items that you also need to have.

First, always remember to use the KISS rule: Keep it Safe and Simple.

Take out ALL of your medicines and line them up on a table. Look at the expiration dates and dispose of any old ones. If you have any leftover antibiotics from prescriptions you never finished, throw all of those away, too. Medications for conditions that you no longer have, or are unlikely to have, can be discarded as well, in addition to anything old, smelly and/or runny.

Experts advise that you clean out your medicine cabinets once a year.