Is This Still Good?

    packages-of-ground-beefAn expired date on a food package = food poisoning risk, right?

    Not necessarily.

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    “Food-borne illness comes from the contamination of food by salmonella, listeria, and other pathogens,” agriculture and food expert Dana Gunders, who co-authored a recent report on food labeling by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, tells Yahoo Shine. “They get on the food during production and processing. That’s what leads to people being sick, not the age of the food.”

    Experts actually say that there are many foods will still be fine to consume to eat after their expiration date.

    While most people think that food labeling is regulated, the Federal Food and Drug Administration oversees only the labeling of baby formula. Everything else is controlled by the food producer or seller.

    “The demand for labels came out of a concern about freshness,” says Gunders. “They were never meant to be about safety.

    The Two Types Of Expiration Dates

    “Sell by” dates: When the manufacturer recommends that retailers rotate stock.

    “Use by” or “best by” dates: Indicate freshness to the consumer.

    How Can I Determine When To Throw Food Away?

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