The NMA Creates A National Obesity Task Force

overweight woman getting a checkup( — The National Medical Association (NMA) has announced the creation of a national obesity task force directed by their 111th President, Dr. Leonard Weather Jr. The task force will develop a comprehensive approach to combating obesity in the African American community.

“The statistics related to the African American community and obesity are overwhelming and shocking,” says Dr. Weather. “This is a medical crisis and the NMA will sound the alarm across the nation as we fight for the health of our patients. The NMA Task Force on Obesity consists of primary care physicians, bariatric and general surgeons, psychiatrists, fitness and nutrition experts and a former US Surgeon General and health policy expert. This diverse panel brings a wealth of expertise that will provide invaluable advice on how to actively address the crisis of obesity from both the doctor’s office to Capitol Hill.”

The NMA Diabetes Education program has already trained thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals and reached millions of African Americans.

The Need To Address Obesity
As the nation’s leading voice on health disparities based on race, the NMA clearly sees the need to aggressively continue to address obesity, given the unequal burden of disease in the Black community. A few startling facts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):