Pain Pills: Are You Taking Yours The Right Way?

( — Your back. Your knees. Your aching head. Very few people make it through life without suffering from some sort of pain…or without taking medication to help, at least temporarily, relieve pain symptoms.

Maybe because there are so many pains, and so many pills, out there, there are quite a few mistakes that many people make while taking their medicine.

Here’s a list of some of the most common pain pill mistakes…and how to better avoid making them.

1. Doubling Up On Your Meds

Doctors prescribe pain pills at specific doses for a reason – to offer the greatest amount of pain relief with the least amount of risk. Doubling or tripling that dose won’t make you feel better faster/longer. But doing this can certainly make you feel some harmful side effects. With some pain drugs, if you take additional doses, it makes the first dose not work as well. And with others, you’ll end up in the emergency room.

Another bad idea is trying to boost the effect of one kind of pain pill by taking another, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, without consulting with a doctor first.

Be smart: Before leaving the doctor’s office, ask if you can take an extra pill if you still hurt. Ask what the upper limit for the medication is. After taking the medication, and after you’ve given it enough time to work, and it still does not control your pain, see your doctor about why you’re still hurting.

2. Overdosing On Multiple Prescriptions