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    6 Reasons Some People Don’t Get Sick

    3. They Have Friends. You might not think having a social network would count a much as diet and exercise when it comes to good health. But studies have found good buddies can protect against everything from memory loss to heart attacks to infectious diseases. Sociability,  increases self-esteem, which in turn, supports the immune system.

    4. They Take Cool Showers. A small body of scientific literature indicates exposure to cooler water may increase the body’s natural antioxidants.

    5. They Control Their Stress. If you’re constantly frazzled, you’re at higher risk for everything from a heart attack to diabetes to colds to irritable bowel syndrome, or so researchers think.

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    6. They Lift Weights. Regular weight training may reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, colon and breast cancer, depression and diabetes.

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