Jamie Foxx’s Top 5 Rules For Staying Young

    Jamie Foxx motorcycleThe 47-year-old Academy Award winning Jamie Foxx looks better than ever, with amazing muscle tone and rock-hard abs and arms. How does he do it?

    In a recent interview he mentioned about having a “youthful” attitude in everything he does.  He admittedly likes to have fun and enjoys squeezing every minute out of life.  But as he gets older, he wants to make sure his body keeps up.

    Pairing his intense workouts with a low-carbohydrate, high fiber and high protein diet, he says a typical training day starts with a breakfast of toast, two pieces of turkey bacon and orange juice followed by a sandwich on pita bread and a protein shake for lunch. Post workout, he has another protein shake and keeps dinner light with a meal of fish and vegetables. “I’ll cheat a little bit,” he admits, “but then I just have to bust a– on the other side.”

    Here are a few of Jamie’s secrets for his fabulous (and healthy) body:

    1. Do push-ups. Often.

    2. Do pull-ups.

    3. Believe in “sixes.” Whatever activity you’re doing, do it at least six times.

    4. Mix in fitness with your everyday life.

    5. Run. Often.

    “I wouldn’t have this type of energy otherwise,” he says. “I feel refreshed, I feel young.”


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