How Being Black Affects Your Blood Pressure

doctors rushing with patient on stretcher

If you’re black, pay special attention to your blood pressure — even if you
think you’re healthy.

That’s because high blood pressure (hypertension) affects certain groups of
people differently than others. And for black people in the United States, high
blood pressure often occurs earlier in life, is more severe and has more

Find out why you may be at greater risk of high blood pressure if you’re
black and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

Why being black increases your risk of high blood pressure

If you’re black and living in the United States, you’re more likely than a
person of another race to develop hypertension, and to develop it earlier in
your life. And once you have the disease, you’re more likely to have severe
complications, such as stroke, kidney failure and heart disease. In addition,
blacks often don’t get treatment until their blood pressure has been high for so
long that vital organs have already started to suffer damage.